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Why It Is Important To Establish A Routine With Your Children

“The daily routine is for children what walls are for a house, it gives borders and dimension to life. The routine gives a sense of security. The established routine gives a sense of order from which freedom is born”. – Rudolf Dreikurs, Austrian psychiatrist and educator.

Why is it important to establish routines in children?

Establishing habits and routines in children, since they are small, is more important than it seems, because in addition to developing their personality, it helps them feel safe and calm in their environment. Routines help define schedules and, as a consequence, better organize activities during the day. It is in this way that it is beneficial for both children and parents.

Importance of routines in children

When we are born, everything is new and unknown, we are faced with a totally alien world that even arouses fear. Therefore, the role that parents play at this point is fundamental, because they guide their children in what to do at all times, which gives them security and peace. In addition, when they are young they do not know the order of things and helping them organize their life with schedules, allows them to have routines that help them develop different virtues.

The repetition of daily acts form habits and the repetition of habits form virtues, therefore, in the first years, responsibility, commitment, perseverance, perseverance, cooperation, obedience, etc. are forged. All these contribute to family life and avoid unnecessary fights because children will learn established things that have to be fulfilled as normal.

In conclusion, through routines and habits it is possible to introduce the child to the world of safety, limits and knowledge of their environment; But how do you establish routines? Here are some tips:

  • Plan the week: after evaluating the week that has already ended, you can organize with your child the one that is about to begin, as it will help them to propose new objectives and work on weak points. If you can have an agenda or a blackboard that is much better visible, so you can complete it together and make it fun, without losing the seriousness of the matter by organizing school, leisure, English , …
  • Hours and time: do not forget to mark the time and duration of the activities and what each one consists of, depending on their age you can do it with drawings, shapes, colors, etc., so that it is more friendly and easy to identify.
  • Why is it important to establish routines in children?
  • Listen and talk with your children: not all children are the same, not everything works for everyone; For this reason, the routines that are proposed must be adapted to their age and personality. In this way, we encourage active communication with them that allows them to empathize with us and understand the importance of complying with a routine, without the need to repeat it a thousand times.
  • Be constant and enjoy: remember that for anything to work, one must be constant and persevering, especially when it comes to our children. However, do not be overwhelmed if one day you get out of the routine, flexibility is also good and allows you to enjoy raising your children. Plus, it’s never too late to start over or create a new routine.

We hope it has become clear to you why it is important to establish routines in children. There is no better guide to establish rules, routines, habits than through love. Only in this way will our children be able to fully enjoy their childhood and adolescence and, as a family, we will avoid future behavior problems.

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