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What Is Cyclical Feeding And How Is It Different From “Normal”

Getting to cyclical eating is not easy, since it is not a custom in our society and there is not so much truthful information available. In fact, it is usually after a prolonged feeling of helplessness and discontent in the face of incomplete medical diagnoses about menstrual pain, exhaustion, emotional hypersensitivity, etc.

For some time now, cyclical food has begun to take center stage, thanks to the greater and better information that is being disseminated through many channels, such as digital. However, as in everything, you have to be careful about the sources you read and make sure you contrast the information.

Cyclical Feeding

What is cyclical feeding? what is it for? How is it different from the traditional one? Why has nothing been known until now? How can you start to follow this type of diet? Who can help us? There are many of the questions that a woman asks herself when reading cyclical feeding , that is why I have decided to interview Amanda the Green Fuel to deepen the subject.

What Is Cyclical Feeding?

Cyclical feeding is a type of diet that adapts to each moment of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The needs of women (at all levels: emotional, physical, food …) change throughout the cycle as the dance happens hormonal.

In today’s society, these needs are ignored, and they are even perceived as a weakness or handicap for productive life or day-to-day life. This happens because nobody educates us on the functioning of our body and most women are not aware that just as their body lives in a cyclical way, the most logical thing is to attend to it in a cyclical way.

The objective of cyclical eating is to attend to all levels, starting with knowing in depth what implications our hormonal changes have and how the menstrual cycle really works in order to start applying life strategies (of physical exercise, activities, food …) that nourish in the most appropriate way our needs at all times.

Pretending to live in a static way not only makes us sick, exhausted and does not reach our goals, but ignores an inherent part of our feminine nature, which can also be empowered and used to our advantage rather than against.

Cyclical eating is one more leg of everything we could do with respect to this reality, a tangible way of taking care of ourselves and offering ourselves food and cooking methods that are the most appropriate for the moment of the menstrual cycle in which we find ourselves. It is about nourishing ourselves in a specific and cyclical way to enhance our hormonal health, which translates into an improvement in our global health. In addition, it invites us to focus on our cyclical nature and connect with it.

Cyclical eating is a form of self-care and self-love that we can offer ourselves.

How Is Cyclical Feeding Different From “Normal”?

With cyclical eating, it is about integrating, within your usual diet, foods, recipes and cooking methods, among others, specific to the phase of the menstrual cycle in which you are.

When we talk about cyclical eating, we are not referring to a specific diet but to a conscious eating strategy. It differs from the one established in that cyclical rotation of food that we include every day according to the day of the cycle we are on.

For example, including certain seeds at a certain time, or roots such as ginger or turmeric before menstruation, avocado in the ovulatory phase, light cooking in the pre-ovulatory phase are some examples of how we could transform our diet into cyclicality. They are small details that with perseverance and awareness can bring us a lot of well-being.

What Else Can Be Done?

Expand knowledge by attending specific retreats or virtual cooking classes led by professionals like Amanda The Green Fuel, where you can learn how to make drinks, recipes, etc.

Listen to the body, because sometimes we are so disconnected or connected to the automatic pilot that it asks us to stop, and we continue.

Become aware of the life that we really want to lead, compared to the life that we have imposed on ourselves or the one that has been imposed on us and we continue with fidelity.

Cultivate cyclical awareness, that is, begin to be aware that, no matter how hard we are or are socially forced, we are not static. We are dynamic, the sooner we integrate that we change and that nothing happens, the sooner we can heal our cyclical reality and take advantage of it.
Using the phases of the cycle for labor productivity, for example the menstrual phase, is a key moment to reflect and analyze if our project is going the way we want and to point out what changes we would make.

Adapt the sport to our energy, as our body will better receive the high levels of intensity in the pre-ovulatory and ovulatory phases.

Incorporate the necessary supplementation analyzing each specific case of each woman. For example, in menstruation pains there are studies that indicate that cannabidiol, better known as CBD, helps reduce them.

Reviewing the areas in which cyclical eating can have a positive impact, such as infertility without a diagnosed physical reason, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

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