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Useful Cycling Tips For Beginners

After confinement, many people have begun to take better care of themselves, review their eating style and practice sports such as cycling, either to play sports or to move around the city.

Riding a bicycle may remind you of childhood, but more and more people have been encouraged to buy a bike and enjoy this type of sustainable and healthy transport.

Tips To Practice Cycling

If you are going to start cycling in the world, here are some useful tips for novice cyclists that can help you a lot when considering both your workouts and your days where you use the bicycle.

Start Little By Little

The really important thing about sport is enjoying what you do, and cycling is no exception. Start small, without obsessions or impossible goals. If you are a very competitive person, remember that you are not contesting a competition and that reaching a good level requires time and training, so it is absurd that in your first days of cycling you try to emulate the great riders in history or what you want to do. great kilometers at a high rate.

Enjoy the bike , do not be in a hurry to progress and if you like it, you will have time to set higher goals, but always with realistic goals, being aware of your limitations and taking maximum care of yourself.

Avoid The Hottest Hours

Going out on a bike means waking up early and making the most of the day. The most common thing for those who practice cycling is going out for a bike ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It is a mere matter of habit.

Leaving early allows you to enjoy this sport for longer. Your first few sessions may not be very long, but as you build legs and build endurance, you will want to spend more time riding the bike. And, if so, you can spend more time on the bike if you get up early and leave early, even if you don’t go too far; ride a bike whenever there is natural light.

In the hottest times of the year, such as summer and spring, avoid going out during the hottest hours, especially on the hottest days. No need to melt on top of the bike.

Recommended Nutrition For Cycling

The food is important to practice any sport and if cardiovascular as is cycling. If you are one of those who want to improve and pedal with more ease, you should pay close attention to what you eat.

Proper sports nutrition helps you achieve the ideal weight, gives you all the energy you need to travel long distances and do it at a good pace and keeps you healthier and healthier.


To perform properly and not suffer problems of any kind, it is very important to always be hydrated. During cycling, a lot of liquid is lost, so never go out without your bottle full of water.

In spring and summer, it is recommended that, if you can, add ice, so you will have fresh water for longer. Still, there will come a time when you run out of water, or the water will get hot. That is why it is important that you go along routes where there are fountains or a bar where you can make a hydration stop.

Take Care Of Your Bike

The tuning of your machine is essential, not only to have a better performance, but also to make the life of your bike longer. Therefore, after each session, clean the bike and leave it shiny. Remove all the dirt that may have remained in the chain and grease it from time to time.

Cyclist Clothes

Any bicycle is good for cycling, although, of course, there are many differences between the different bikes in terms of materials, qualities and prices. The same is true of sportswear. Any sports garment can be used, but if you are going to start cycling more seriously, that is, pedaling for a good amount of kilometers and riding for several hours in each of your outings, the ideal is that you get yourself with several clothes of cycling clothing.

The most essential thing is to wear a good culotte, since they have padding specially designed for cycling. In cycling almost all of your body weight falls on the buttocks and until you get used to it it can be uncomfortable.

Greet The Other Cyclists

Education is one of the hallmarks of cyclists. In each of the outings you make, whenever you come across a cyclist or a group of cyclists, do not be shy when saying hello. It’s not about stopping to talk to everyone, just saying: “Hello.”

The cycling collective is respectful and among all the practitioners, a kind of mutual respect and brotherhood reigns.

In these times, in which we do not stop uploading photos and videos of what we do, where we go and what we eat, it is tempting to record a video from the bicycle, however, few ideas can be as bad as this.

If you want to record or photograph something, do it when you have gotten off your bike. Otherwise, you will be putting your life and that of more people in danger. Another possibility is to use an action camera that can be attached to various surfaces such as the handlebar of the bike or the helmet.

If you still have doubts about cycling, the ideal is that you try this new lifestyle little by little to adapt to change and that you have people from your environment who accompany you in this activity, so it will also be a moment of leisure.

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