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Tips And Steps On How To Fix Fridge Drawers

A fridge or freezer drawer has broken, and you don’t know how to fix it. It is common that the drawers (especially in the freezer) end up breaking, so we are going to help you with fixing ideas and tips.

Effective And Economical Solution For The Fridge Drawer

The materials that many refrigerators have inside such as polystyrene, ABS or polypropylene are plastics that are difficult to glue, on the other hand a new drawer can cost about $50 to $60, it is not exactly cheap.

Is there an effective and inexpensive solution? In fact, if there is one, it only takes a bit of skill, patience and you will be able to fix the drawer. If what you have is a crack or break, I have an easy solution for you.

How To Repair A Fridge Or Freezer Drawer Step By Step

Step 1: Save all the pieces or fragments of the broken drawer, at least the ones you can find. To fix the drawer we are going to glue it, but not with any glue we will do it following a few steps.

Step 2: We have to look for a special two-component epoxy glue for plastics, for example the well-known Nural (or any other similar brand). This type of glue resists up to 30 degrees below zero and up to 150 degrees of heat.

It is therefore ideal for the fridge or freezer. Not any component will work for gluing plastics, and it also has to withstand low temperatures, which is why you have to look for a glue for difficult plastics. These glues are sold in DIY centers or hardware stores, they cost about $7.

Step 3: Not only do we have to glue, if we glue but then we force ourselves to open the drawer in a short time it will break again. The solution is that when we glue the drawer, we use a piece of plastic from behind to reinforce the drawer (you can use a piece of a plastic bottle, or a plastic box).

It is about creating a body with pieces of plastic that, when glued behind the crack, will give it more resistance.

Step 4: We prepare the glue following the instructions on the container, once we have the paste, we paste using the pieces that we have from the drawer and inside the drawer, reinforcing with pieces of plastic that we will join with the glue. You have to let it dry 24 hours, it already looks a lot like, but it is the best to make it look good. Then it will be exposed to low temperatures, and it is better that the joints are well reinforced.

Step 5: After 24 hours you can put the drawer back in its place, you will see how it resists temperature well. The best thing is that you will have saved yourself having to buy a new drawer that can cost you a bit since they are around $60.

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