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Simple Floral Headband For Kids To Make

My daughter and I had such a nice experience making this easy, DIY floral headband together. We sat outside, chatting the day away, while we focused on this cute little craft. It took no time at all and was totally stress-free. Of course, she LOVES it, and made her sister one too! It would also make a great gift or children’s party activity.


1. Floral tape
2. Wired sisal rope
3. 1.5 yards of leather strap material
4. Fake flowers
(All materials can be found in a craft and/or fabric store).

1. Cut the wired sisal to about 17 inches in length.
2. Cut the 1.5 yards of leather strap in half. You now have 2 straps.
3. Fold each leather strap in half. Tie each to the end of the wired sisal rope where the fold of the leather is.

4. Align your first flower clippings along the wired sisal.
5. Take about a 12 inch length of floral tape and start tightly wrapping it around the stems. Leave the leaves and flowers free of tape.
6. Take new flower clippings and keep wrapping in the same manner, until you have what you feel is enough.

7. Tie the leather straps snuggly around the back of the head in a knot or bow.

8. To make a boys headband, use just leaves. It will look equally majestic and adorable.

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