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Programmatic Mobile Advertising The Future Of Marketing

Programmatic advertising occupies an increasingly important part of the marketing budgets of brands and has become a decisive element for the strategies of many other media such as television but it is important to mention that in order to achieve the goal an advertiser is after a good resource for programmatic ads that should be always considered is data and that’s because data is what makes an ad campaign really effective.

Programmatic mobile advertising stands as the future of marketing and the axis around which the attention of advertisers will revolve in the coming months to the point that an increase in the investment of this type of advertising is expected compared to other years.

Advertisers force television networks to bet on increasingly complex realities when they buy advertising, which cannot be met if elements similar to those found on the Internet are not applied. In this sense, the future of the small screen would also go through transferring the components of programmatic advertising to its structure.

The relevance, therefore, of this type of advertising is such that many different studies do not hesitate to affirm that this model will constitute the main resource for deciding what to do when developing a business strategy.

What is programmatic advertising?

The way of choosing the sector of the public to which you want to show the advertising of a certain company, considering demographic data such as age, social position, gender and geographic information is what could be defined as programmatic advertising.

One of the main goals of this kind of advertising is to pay only for really effective ads, delivered to the right people at the right time. This advertising model is responsible for optimizing expenses and resources efficiently. Typically, ad buyers manually purchase digital ad slots (inventory) for each of their clients, but in programmatic mode, this purchase is done differently, as it is done algorithmically and reduces time invested in management.

Programmatic mobile advertising, the engine of the company

As mentioned in previous lines, spending on programmatic advertising will increase over the coming months, reaching more than 15,000 million dollars invested. Studies carried out in this field confirm that, for example, investment in total display advertising will grow by 55%.

However, programmatic advertising on mobile will be where the investment increases, since for 35% of the advertisers surveyed, it is considered the main area where more opportunities may exist in terms of programmatic.

Equally interesting is the fact that more than 70% of marketers use mobile devices for this type of advertising compared to display by 85.6% and video by 67.1%. It is also expected that in the coming months 68% of mobile advertising spending will be dedicated to mobile programmatic ads and 70% of total advertising investment to digital screen.

To a large extent, the consolidation of ad blockers has caused programmatic mobile advertising to become the center of attention and, therefore, the future of marketing for many companies, who see in this model the way to effectively bring your message closer to your target audience.

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