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Prepare Your Home For The Arrival Of Spring

Spring is here! So, it’s a great time to now get your home ready to enjoy the season and the uplift it provides.

With just a few little tips you can give it a totally new look and it will lift your mood and well being too.

Prepare the terrace

The terrace requires your attention again. Clean, tidy and throw away junk that you have accumulated during the winter.

Check that the furniture is in good condition and if necessary, give it a coat of varnish or paint.

Take the opportunity to plant new plants or put floral bouquets, it will give a very spring touch.

You can also renew your cushions with trendy prints this spring, such as tie dye, stripes and, of course, flowers.

Spring colors

Do you dare to decorate your house in mint green and pastel pink? They are the colors that are most used this spring and it will give a very spring air to your home.

You can use them on furniture, walls, decorative elements, rugs, curtains …

Decorate with bouquets of dried flowers

There is nothing like fresh flowers to make you think of spring.

You can place them in the living room, bedroom, hall and even in the bathroom. They will help you bring something of spring into your home.

Apply some order

The change of season begins with a more organized home.

Clear all the things you have in the middle of the room: papers, things on the table … You can choose to put a shelf and thus take advantage of the vertical space and not have everything mixed up.

In the kitchen you can start by organizing the drawers : cutlery, pots, dishes …

Take advantage and get rid of all the utensils that you have damaged, old and that you no longer use.

Take spring to the bathroom

In the bathroom, only a few details are necessary to make it look completely renovated.

Change the towels for ones with more cheerful prints , put a bouquet of dried flowers or natural plants.

You can also change the air freshener for a fresher and springier one or change the soaps.

A touch of spring to the hall

To welcome spring, the first thing you have to do is prepare the hall.

Store coats, scarves, and all winter clothes from the hall cabinet in the closet.

Take out the light jackets and add some spring décor.

You can put bouquets of dried flowers, a painting with cheerful patterns and even put a wallpaper to limit this area.

You will see how when you enter you already breathe spring!

Keep warm clothes

The wardrobe change is here! Take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the closet and keep what you really use. Forget about the “just in case.”

Coats occupy the most space, our advice is to take advantage of the high space in the cabinets by installing a drop-down bar like this one.

To store your boots without taking up a lot of space in the shoe rack, store them on a boot rack.

This will prevent them from deforming inside the shoe rack.


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