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Optimizing Your Website with New Stealth SEO Solutions Agency

Optimizing Your Website with New Stealth SEO Solutions Agency

Most businesses today understand that a powerful and well thought out marketing strategy is the key to a successful and growing business. One of the most cost-effective ways to pull in custom and drive traffic is to use search engine optimization.

This allows a website to rank higher in search engines based on the content of the web pages, so the people who are searching for the thing that a business has on offer will find the right place.

Often though, business owners don’t factor SEO into their immediate plans when developing a website, thinking it’s easier to add in the search terms later. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Thinking about SEO too late might mean that a business has to reformat their website to ensure it doesn’t just achieve mediocre rankings. This could make it seem visually less impressive or more unprofessional, putting off potential customers.

SEO guru Chris Cantell has recently launched his SEO agency, Stealth SEO Solutions, in the Exeter area, serving Exeter, Devon, Plymouth, and Torquay. Although the business is a global entity, with clients from across the UK, U.S. Canada, and Australia, Mr. Cantell has now set his sites on a project closer to his heart – his local community.

“Living in my area, there are lots of smaller businesses that I see struggling every day, just because they don’t have the funds to source a larger marketing strategy, meaning they aren’t pulling in enough profit. Sadly, this has seen many businesses close. For this reason, I set up a web design department in my company. I believe the solution lies in having a website with great content that is highly optimized and SEO marketed to achieve top Google rankings in the local area. Creating optimized websites will help local businesses to pull in a wider audience and boost their profits in a cost-effective way.”

Back in 2008, Chris started his SEO journey and quickly mastered the art of ranking websites on page one of Google. After noticing the massive benefits to businesses, he launched his company in 2013, consulting with clients to boost their traffic and conversion using SEO. In 2014, he moved on to share his knowledge with SEO agencies, creating a fantastic training course – SEO Breakthrough – which has received amazing reviews to date.

His business, Stealth SEO Solutions, aims to educate business owners on the importance of SEO strategies for their success and he employs a team of experienced and talented developers in-house who are able to build optimized websites from scratch that meet the business owners’ specifications.

“The biggest problem I discovered when looking at SEO for current websites, was that the majority of developers didn’t actually understand how SEO worked and assumed these elements could be added later. I think SEO is an essential part of the web design and, as such, the developer needs to fully understand the business and their intended outcomes.”

For this reason, Mr. Cantell only employs developers directly. He doesn’t outsource freelancers in order to keep costs down like other SEO agencies. This allows each and every client to receive a completely bespoke service where the developer is committed to boosting the ratings of that specific business utilizing their brand methodologies. The designers can simultaneously create beautiful websites and have them rank highly in search engines.

Chris’ advice is, “For anyone who has a business that doesn’t seem to be getting the traffic, test out your optimization status using the ‘Google Pages Speed Insights’ tool on Google. It will provide a rating between 1 and 100 based on how well the website ranks. Usually, an unoptimized website will naturally come up at around 50 – which isn’t great.

It’s also a good idea to keep track of any changes made to see if this changes the traffic to the website. You can do this by visiting the Google Analytics page regularly.”

Stealth SEO Solutions creates bespoke pages which receive a score in the 90s on Google Insights, making them much more likely to feature on page one and bring in more traffic organically. This is also a much more cost-effective way of marketing than paid for advertising and it allows you to reach a wider, or even global market, increasing your chances of making a profit.

For further information contact: https://stealthseosolutions.com/seo-exeter/
Business Name: Stealth SEO Solutions
Business Address: The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JY
Business Telephone Number: 01392 920029

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