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Innovative Tips To Help Keep Your House Tidy

Do you want to ensure that your house is always kept in an orderly manner, and to achieve this with least effort?

I am here to provide you with 9 tips that will help you achieve this.

Morning routine

Before leaving home it is important to leave everything organized. It will only take you a few minutes to achieve this if you make this a routine.

Make the bed
Something as simple as stretching the sheets makes a bedroom look much neater.

Dry the shower screen
Drying the glass after the shower saves a lot of time when cleaning the bathroom.

This will help you to avoid fighting with limescale in the future

Dry the faucet and the mirror

To keep the bathroom in order and clean with almost no effort, wipe the faucet and mirror with a cloth and leave the surfaces clear.

It will only take a minute!

Breakfast and cooking
After breakfast, pick up all the stains so that the kitchen stays clean.

So when you return home you will have an impeccable kitchen.

The closet ordered by uses

Sort your wardrobe to easily find the clothes you want to wear and thus avoid rummaging.

Put the t-shirts you wear the most on the shelves that are closest to hand, the ones you wear the least on the bottom shelves and the clothes that you barely carry on top of the closet.

It is also very good to leave the clothes you want to wear the next day ready, so you won’t waste any time in the morning. This folding stand is perfect for hanging clothes on the side of the closet.

Divide your drawers

Is your underwear drawer a mess? You can use dividers and separators to separate for bras, socks, panties …

This way you will be able to have everything in the same drawer, but without mixing.

One goes in and one goes out

The best way to keep everything in order and not accumulate is to ditch a thing from the same category every time you buy a new one.

For example, if you buy a new shirt, you must donate a shirt that you now have in your closet.

And so with all the rooms in the house.

Put clothes to wash

When you change clothes, do not leave whatever is to be washed in the bathroom or on the chair in the bedroom. Take it and put it in the laundry basket.Laundry tips

If it is more practical, you can put the laundry basket in your bathroom closet.

Take a look at our laundry baskets !

Goodbye to the just in case

Store only the clothes that you are going to wear. Surely you have clothes that are no longer worth you or clothes that you have affection, but you know that you will never wear it again.

The time has come to get rid of them! Rather than throw them away, choose to donate or sell them.

Pantry Labels

Is your pantry full of different boxes, jars, jars that take up a lot of space?

Classify your products by categories and use labeled cans to keep everything very organized because an orderly pantry makes your day to day easier.

Please click here to download our printable labels.

Clear the counter top

The counter top is an area in which we usually accumulate things and then ordering it is done uphill. Also, it generates a lot of visual noise.

To prevent things from accumulating, place wall brackets where you can store cans, kitchen utensils and even the roll of paper.


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