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How To Identify A Roof Contractor You Can Be Confident To Hire



The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, therefore, if you need work doing on it such as a repair or tile replacement, you are going to want to have the work done to standard and correctly. So it makes sense to find a roof contractor that can give you a solid estimate on a price that you can easily afford. What if you have an estimate from a roofing company but you feel the total price exceeds your budget?

The best way to avoid finding yourself in this situation is to make sure that you know what the going rate is for the roof project so you can clearly outline the scope and expense of your work. Here is how to ask the important questions that will help you make a smart decision about your roofing needs.


Many companies will quote you a price without asking about what type of material you will have on your roof. Good roof contractors will not be offended by your inquiries; they will be happy to show that they are on the ball with the new roofing materials. Here is when you need to ask the important questions. Have the roofing company provide you with all the drawings and plans for the new roof they are suggesting? And, more importantly, are the materials being offered EPA approved?


You may have heard about some crazy roofing prices that are just way too high compared to what they should be. The best way to avoid being ripped off is to make sure that you don’t go with the first one that you are told is a good contractor, but get at least two other quotes for the job to compare. Make sure you ask the contractor to provide you with the following: –
– A bid sheet showing all their previous work
– a complete bid package that includes photos of the work they have done in the past, and a written estimate that includes all the work that has been done so far as well as any additional costs that might be involved.

Trusted contractor or not

This is one question you have to ask your roof contractor before you ever sign a contract. Does he or she own their own building? Is this an industrial building? If it is then ask if they have permission from the local government to install flashing and other roofing materials. Also, make sure that your chosen roof contractor can meet your deadlines.

Are they insured and bonded

It is always safer to know who is going to be working on your home. Before hiring your roof contractor, check to see if they are insured and bonded. A good rule of thumb is that any contractor that does not own their building should have minimum liability insurance. A bonded roof contractor will have liability insurance and will have bonding, which will protect them against claims of negligence by customers or by their employees.

Better deals

There are many roofing companies today and there are many roof contractors as well. A lot of smaller companies tend to charge more because of the costs of overhead such as supplies, insurance, and bonding. However, it is more cost effective to work with one man that has already been licensed and bonded and has a lot of experience.

Experience is key

The best roof contractor in the world won’t do much good if they don’t know what they’re doing. Many small roof contractors want to cut corners on costs but don’t take the time to learn what makes a roofing system reliable. It is vital that residential roof contractors have experience so that they can handle any unforeseen emergencies. Also, residential roof contractors should only work with licensed professionals who have years of experience with various types of systems. In fact, one of the best ways to prevent problems is to have a roof contractor check your roof before any work begins so that you can avoid any costly repairs down the road.

How long has the roofing contractor been in business

This is another question that you need answered before hiring a particular company. Most licensed roofing companies have been in business for decades. If a company has been around for this long, it means that they have probably been successful. These licensed roofing companies typically work with various clients every year and are very familiar with the needs of residential customers. If a company has been in business for several years, then you can rest assured that they have extensive knowledge and they’ll be able to help you when something goes wrong.

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