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How To Get Promoted At Work

Many professionals want to be promoted. However, it is difficult to get this recognition in a time of uncertainty and slow economic recovery.

You can make small changes every day to improve your chances of landing a better job.

Continue reading to learn how to move up in your career.


It takes patience and dedication to get promoted. Promotion at work is not guaranteed by any magic bullet or manual.

Every company has its own rules for who is promoted and how they do it.

To receive that dream promotion, you must be ready.

When it comes to climbing the hierarchy, many factors like your performance within the company, motivation, and qualifications can make a difference.

Tips to get promoted at work

You want to be promoted at work, but aren’t sure what to do? Check out these tips to increase your chances of getting it.

1. Learn about the promotion policies of your company

To grow within your company, you must first understand the promotion process. This information can be found in HR.

Be sure to pay attention to announcements about open positions and internal selection procedures.

Are there any recent promotions for employees? Determine what factors led to the promotion. This will help you plan.

It is essential to understand the requirements and responsibilities of each position before you apply to fill it. You can then anticipate the needs and invest in qualifications.

2. Find a mentor

Mentors are there to help you see the things that you don’t see and to find shortcuts to professional development.

Try to speak openly with an experienced professional.

The mentor should not only be able to show what the company expects, but also how the mentor can:

Provide a fresh professional perspective

Identify your weaknesses and show you how to improve.

Help define your career path

Develop Your Leadership Skills

3. Keep a positive attitude

Goodwill is a virtue when faced with difficulties. If the company has problems with management, professional who can face these difficulties confidently and willingly will be rewarded when an internal opportunity presents itself.

Instead of complaining about the changes you see, be open to adapting!

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes can make it easier to get promoted.

Want an example? You want an example?

Are you a professional who complains and avoids changes? Or are you a professional who takes on challenges and finds a solution and gives his best?

It is important that your boss notices your leadership abilities, especially if your boss promotes you to a managerial role.

Leadership attitude can significantly increase your chances of getting promoted

4. Professionalism is key

Although it seems obvious, many people forget about this important issue.

Be punctual, take good care of yourself, promise only what you can deliver and don’t complain.

Avoid gossip! This is one of your worst traits in your workplace and in your personal life.

Be respectful of your boss and colleagues by being polite and professional in your workplace.

5.Invest in personal marketing

Are you wondering why many great employees fail to be promoted? They forget to market themselves, despite being able to perform their tasks correctly.

Keep track of your achievements. Write down the important tasks and initiatives you have completed.

Although it may not seem like an important thing, we often forget the many interesting things we did at our job.

You can, for example, show the company how much you contribute to it by:

Do something new and innovative that the company hasn’t done before.

Revenue increases

Costs are reduced.

It is crucial to measure the results. It is important to show concrete results, not just talk about what you have done.

Tip: Build internal networks and do a great job. You must let the right people know what you have been up to.

6. Show the manager your work

It is not enough to be a good employee. The company expects that the employee does these things.

You must go beyond the basic requirements. You can increase your productivity by delivering greater results with the same resources that you have.

You can feel confident and take on new activities when you are feeling it.

Ask your manager to give you an opportunity to discuss your performance and show that your work is well done.

7. Personal image: Pay attention

How others perceive you is influenced by your dress. How you present yourself to others can greatly influence your chances of being promoted.

You don’t have to wear formal clothing if you work in casual settings. It is interesting to dress according the culture of your organization.

It is important to show your integration with your team, regardless of how the company operates.

You can model the attitude of your leaders and managers.

8. Invest in qualification

Did you know that knowledge is power? You must be able to learn in order to succeed in your career.

This is why it’s important to continue learning new knowledge and keep up-to-date, through lectures, courses, or just reading about topics related to your field.

To boost your technical courses, you might consider a degree.

You can also say, “Lack of time is a problem” You can take a distance-learning course.

It is now possible to receive quality education thanks to the ease of accessing the internet. It is possible to gain knowledge from anywhere, even your own home.

The bottom line is that the more qualified you have, the easier it will be for you to get promoted and to take on new responsibilities.

9. Take action

Showing that you are able to solve problems and take on more responsibilities is the best way to get promoted. Show interest in other areas whenever possible.

To stand out and be promoted, it is a great idea to study other roles, even if these are outside your expertise.

This knowledge is useful when there are opportunities in another industry to hold a higher job.

10. Learn how to listen

A professional’s biggest mistake is to think that feedback is synonymously with criticism.

Your development will be influenced by the feedback you receive from your boss or co-workers. If you put it to good use, it will improve your performance and help get better results.

You need to view feedback as an opportunity to grow. Being able to listen shows you care about improving yourself.

After the feedback meeting, create an action plan that addresses the issues you want to improve.

To make it easier to track, set deadlines and goals.

What should I do if I’m not promoted?

Although you did everything possible to be promoted within the company, the opportunity presented itself and you were not chosen. What should you do?

It can be very demoralizing. Even if you think you have the perfect profile for the job.

The good news is that this experience can be survived with your reputation intact and you will still be a better employee.

It is important not to let disappointment get in your way of job performance. Instead, use it as an opportunity to learn.

First, try not to act impulsively. It won’t help to get angry or depressed. This will only justify the decision of your boss or HR department.

Understanding why you were not promoted is crucial. Talk to the person responsible for the decision if possible.

Don’t be defensive, and instead use this opportunity to learn more about yourself and your role in the company.

Ask what you can do in the future to get promoted.

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