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Great Tips To Help You Organize Your Books While You Decorate

Empty the bookshelf

To start organizing your books , the best v ACIAR all shelves and tap to clean the shelves.

This will help you to know how many books you have , surely when you take them out, books that you no longer remember will appear.

It is also time to discard the books that you are not going to read anymore. You can sell them, donate them to a library, exchange them …

Now you have room for new and interesting books.

Plan the bookstore

Modern bookcaseOnce you have everything clear and clean , you have to think about how you want your bookstore to be to take advantage of all the space and find the books the first time.

If the space you had to store them is too small for you or you want something more modern for your living room, put a modular shelf.

How do I place them?

There are different ways to organize books, it depends on the space you have available and your preferences

Organize by categories
You can create categories based on your books, for example, “children’s books”, “reference books”, “books to read” … Also, within each of the categories you can sort them by theme: “history books” , “Bibliographies”, “adventure books” …

By colors
One way to organize while you decorate is by placing them by color . It conveys a sense of order and reduces visual noise.

By authors
This way of organizing them may not be very practical if you have a lot of books. Sometimes we do not remember the name of who wrote it.

The ones you use the least, in the upper zone
Place the books that you read the least in the upper area of the bookstore, so you have the rest more at hand.

By size
This option is also a valid way to order your books, from left to right placing the books from tallest to smallest .

Decorate the bookshelf

Add personality to your shelf by incorporating other decorative elements on the shelves that reduce visual noise. Vases with flowers, photographs, figures …
It is about finding the perfect balance so as not to overload the space.

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