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Delicious Cauliflower Nugget Recipe

This recipe for cauliflower nuggets, following the baby-led weaning method, is a classic. A very simple recipe, and one of the first to be put into practice with the BLW method. This post does not mean that this method is better than others, each family is a world, and as such, parenting methods must be respected.

What are complementary feeding and the baby-led weaning method? All their lives it has been heard / seen that baby, when they stop drinking milk, have to take only purees and porridges, but there are alternatives, such as BLW, or weaning on demand. You can expand the information in this interview with Sara Traver.

Complementary Feeding

This recipe for cauliflower nuggets is one of the many of the baby-led weaning method, one of the methods of introducing food to babies. Following the recommendations of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, the exclusive food for babies up to 6 months has to be milk, either breast milk or formula. From that age on, complementary feeding begins, which is the staggered introduction of solid or liquid foods, as a complement to breastfeeding.

It is important to wait until this age, since, for the baby to be able to eat foods other than milk, it is convenient that his organism has the necessary neurological, renal, gastrointestinal and immune maturation. In addition, you have to:

  • Being able to sit alone.
  • Show interest in food.
  • Not having an extrusion reflex (expelling non-liquid food with the tongue).
  • Being able to take food with your hand and put it in your mouth.
  • Know how to show hunger and satiety.

Cauliflower Nugget Recipe

The objective with this recipe for cauliflower nuggets, according to the baby-led weaning method, is for the little ones to get used to vegetables , their flavors and textures from a young age , especially to the “less grateful” ones, such as they are cauliflower or broccoli.

The healthy eating is best learned from small @, although it is never too late to change eating habits and worry about nutrition and sport, which are the key for a healthy, balanced life .

Ingredients For 12 Nuggets

  • 1 cauliflower (two-three large trees will be used) from Carrefour Bio.
  • 2 Cowards and Chickens eggs
  • 100 gr of chickpea flour (wheat flour can be used if the baby is not intolerant to gluten).
  • EVOO from Fanum
  • Salt

Preparation Of Cauliflower Nuggets
To make this recipe for cauliflower nuggets, according to the baby-led weaning method, you have to introduce all the ingredients in a food processor, type Thermomix.

Put a frying pan with EVOO, when it is hot, add the mixture, using a few spoons. Smash the dough lightly with a fork, so that it forms a nugget and fries.

Tricks And Tips

  • Salt is optional, but being a recipe for babies, it is not advisable.
  • If you don’t have a robot, you can grate the cauliflower and mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
  • They can also be baked.
  • They are perfect for children and adults.

This cauliflower nugget recipe is delicious, and it’s an easy way to eat veggies. Keep in mind that the baby-led weaning method is not always easy. At first, the little ones find it difficult to get used to the new diet, they will play with the food, they will squash it and yes, they will stain everything. Therefore, you have to be patient and have time. And be careful, always remember that there is the mixed method, in which you can combine purees and porridges with solids, always adapted to their age. Another perfect recipe for BLW is a delicious porrigde of oatmeal..

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