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Hello I’m Lori Hughes. I’m 36 and a mum of 2 teenage girls. We all live together with my husband Peter in our home in Los Angeles. I used to live in the country, and I was born and raised in Oklahoma on a big ranch. It’s a big difference going from that to the bustling city of Los Angeles. I moved here for work. My life in Oklahoma ended when I started college years ago. After that I got a job in Los Angeles as an architect. After that, I met Peter where a year later, we got married and started a family.

I now work part-time at the architect’s firm. I wanted start slowing things down a bit, so I went part-time. Now I want to broaden my expression and start a blog. For this reason, thewalkingmombie.com with created where I could write about what I knew and write about kids, their education and growing up but also about home and lifestyle together with business and finance. It’s my passion to explore new things in life and you can be sure that I will write about my experiences. I tend to go out of my way to discover new foods, countries, culture changes as well as lifestyle changes and anything that might generate new life and excitement into my life.

This blog is all about that. So, I hope you enjoy what you read as I share my experiences and as I research life itself.

The Walking Mombie