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A Change Of Wardrobe With The Latest Trends

The dreaded wardrobe change season is coming , in which we put aside coats, boots and fat sweaters to make way for dresses, summer blouses and sandals.

Don’t worry, because we have prepared some tips to make changing your wardrobe easier than ever this year.

Best time for wardrobe change

To have your seasonal clothes on hand and not have to rummage through the closet every time you want to wear something, it is advisable to change your wardrobe twice a year.

In spring, to start storing coats, boots, blankets … and another in early autumn to store sandals, summer dresses … Although we already know that depending on the area in which you live you may have to make more wardrobe changes.

Take out all the clothes, sort and clean

Take all the clothes out of the closet and go grouping them by type and making piles of what is so bad that it is to throw away , what is to donate or give away and what you will save for the next season.

Take advantage of the fact that you have the closet completely empty and clean it thoroughly.

T-shirts in portrait

The vertical fold , famous for the guru of the order Marie Kondo, is the one that best uses the space of drawers or removable trays and is perfect for T-shirts.

You can make different rows and divide between the long-sleeved, short or tank tops or by colors.

Does your closet have no drawers? We have the solution! Place a pull-out tray in your closet and you can have all the t-shirts folded up for viewing at a glance.

The wrinkle-free pants

Trouser rack for wardrobe changeSummer pants tend to wrinkle, so if wrinkles are your great hobby and you can’t stand that pants have even one, you should definitely opt for a pantsuit . The perfect accessory if you have a lot of pants.

When you remove the trouser rack you will have all the trousers in sight and you will avoid disorganizing them when you remove them.

If you don’t have space for a trouser rack , you can hang them on a pole or store them in a drawer. The first option should always be to fold them vertically, which is the most comfortable option, which wrinkles the clothes less and takes up less space.

And the long dresses?

If you have a tall closet, you can take advantage of that space to place a drop-down bar and hang longer items such as dresses.

This will prevent the lower part of the dresses from wrinkling.

Don’t forget about the plugins

Accessory trayPlugins need to be neat and have a site so they can be easily found. In addition, being small, it is always easier for us to lose or forget them in any corner.

One of the shelves of your wardrobe can be the perfect place for the jewels that you wear the most, for glasses or for scarves.

Take care of your shoes

If you have already faced the clothes, now it’s time to put on the shoes . Time to take off the sandals and pick up the winter boots.

First, take out all the shoes you have in the closet and classify them by type: sneakers, sandals, high heels … and discard the ones you no longer use.

The ones you wear the least, keep them in the upper part of the closet.

For the rest of the shoes, place a removable shoe rack in your closet and so you will have them all in sight.

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