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9 Secrets To Financial Wellness

Farnoosh Turabi, a financial expert, TV host and writer, shares his tips to make you rich.

Since 1995, I’ve been writing about money. I didn’t know how far I would go when my father encouraged me in college to study finance because it seemed to offer the highest return. It would take me that far.

Even though I didn’t end my career managing portfolios or behind a desk, my work as a financial journalist, speaker, writer and podcast host has provided me with some of the most amazing experiences and friendships.

Through the years, I have come across unshakeable words and wisdom that have allowed me to live a financially successful life. I present my nine favorites.

1. You won’t get what you deserve. You won’t get what you deserve if you don’t negotiate

These words are what I keep in my heart whenever I want to save money and earn more. One of my favorite stories is how I doubled the salary I earned when I switched jobs in 2006. I was interested in the role of video correspondent at TheStreet.com.

My TV news job was as a producer, sometimes as a reporter before the cameras. I earned $ 45,000 at the time. Crazy as it may sound, I requested more than twice my salary for the new job. I requested $ 100,000.

My boss offered me $ 85,000, which would have been a tremendous raise! My boss offered $ 85,000, which would have been an incredible raise! I said, “How about we keep it at $ 90,000. Right now, and I don’t bother you for six months?” Next thing I knew, “We have a deal. Welcome to TheStreet >>

2. Nobody cares more about your money than yourself

Your future plans are dependent on you

Not your financial advisor. Her family is not included. It’s not because everything is against you. They are not going against you. Money is personal. Your money is yours, and only you can control the emotions and pain surrounding it. You have the power to decide whether you win or lose money.

This is my main financial philosophy. This encourages me speak up, ask questions and negotiate to ensure that my hard-earned cash is protected and grown.

3. Ask questions. , even the dumbest

I don’t expect to know all the answers.

Tony Robbins, a business strategist and life coach, taught me a crucial key to my success: being curious. He said to me that it was okay to not know everything and that you should always search for the answers.

While I am surrounded by intelligent and talented people who help me make decisions about my property investments, taxes and other financial matters, I don’t trust them to have all the answers. Your ability to give me sound advice is dependent on me constantly asking “Why?” What are we doing wrong? And “Can we save money somehow?”

4. Boring things should be taken care of first

My husband and me make sure we pay our basic obligations before we accept any check. While these things may not be fun or exciting, we cannot continue to spend without meeting our basic obligations.

When we pay our bills, retirement savings, college savings and hard time savings at the beginning each month, we know that any money left after that is basically the “fun” amount we have. We are also free to spend it as we please.

5. Only do what is most important to you. The rest can be outsourced

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to accomplish this task.

“It is almost impossible to find someone with millions of dollars who doesn’t delegate at minimum a few time-consuming tasks.”

This was not surprising to Tim Ferriss, author and New York Times #1 bestseller “The Four-Hour Workweek”, who shared it with me on my podcast.

For tasks such as laundry or cleaning the toilets, I have always advocated outsourcing. Tim provided me with a fresh perspective.

You must stay focused to make your financial goals a reality. My latest book, “When She Makes More”, has a chapter on outsourcing. Because, as crazy as it sounds, women who make more can do more household chores than men who earn less.

6. We need more female financial leaders

I didn’t think I was “destined” for wealth or deserved to be super wealthy. Why not? It is my responsibility as a woman to make as much money as possible and be a financial leader. This includes how I manage my money, as well as how I earn it.

More female financial leaders are needed around the world. Weather. The better our world will be if more women take part in this crusade.

Barbara Stanny, best-selling author, friend and mentor, said to me on my podcast, “Financial success for women is a spiritual path… a right of passage to power.”

She continued to state that women have more power when they build relationships than when they gain power over people or things.

Stanny says, “The real goal of life is to help others.”

That was a crucial moment in my life. Before, I thought there were limits to my wealth and that more money would not make me happy. Now I see it as unlimited. As a way to help others who are less fortunate and inspire others, I now see earning more money as my duty.

7. Nothing is better than job security

There is no job that can be guaranteed forever

Working for yourself is the best way to secure your job. However, I am not saying that being an entrepreneur is more difficult than being an employee. It is easier to please your boss because you are the only one responsible. It is important to be curious and motivated by your boss.

This is how I’ve written books, appeared on TV, launched podcasts, and even started my own coaching business. I’m always looking for new ways to grow. When things get too easy, I learn to take risks, try again and feel the discomfort. This is the best way for you to make sure that your job continues to be profitable.

8. You don’t have to be rich to invest, but you have to invest to be rich

Composite material is mathematical magic. It is the eighth wonder of all time. You can either take it or leave it.

Many of my So Money clients tell me they wish they had known more about investing as a young person. It would have been great to start investing sooner, but they didn’t realize that it requires a lot of money. Start small. You can start small.

9. It will be effective if you do it

Give it a shot if you have an idea.

My little talk show on money was not wanted by anyone. So, I purchased a microphone and signed up for Skype. So Money was born in my Brooklyn flat.

The program has been downloaded over one million times since its inception nine months ago. It was named the best financial podcast of 2015 Inc Magazine has called it a “necessary podcast for growing your business”. His work has been published in numerous publications, including Forbes and Money.

Recently, I partnered with AdLarge to sell audio ads to mobile content providers, network radio and digital media. It is now profitable.

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