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7 cool ideas for small flats

Are there few meters in your house ? In a small apartment you can make reforms, new layouts, changes, but the meters are always what they are.

However, there are ways to get better use of the space in your home and to make it look bigger visually.

We tell you 7 very simple ideas to achieve it.

All in order

Keeping your house in order is always essential, but if your apartment is small more than more.

The first thing you have to do is get rid of everything you do not use , those objects that you have accumulated for years and that you have never used or will never use. They do nothing but occupy a space that you do not have excess.

Help yourself with the accessories of drawers, shelves, compartments … you’ll see how when you have everything tidy it will seem much more spacious.

Allied colors

The white color is a great ally to visually expand our house, it adds depth and moves the walls away.

It combines with colors from the beige or cream range on other walls and even on furniture. For the sofa, armchair, chairs …

Change the color and your house will look so much bigger!


For a small apartment a trick is to put all the floor the same , without cuts of rooms. The same floor for the kitchen, living room, bathroom … so it will look more spacious and without visual cuts.

Do not hinder

Distribute your apartment by rooms : living area, kitchen, dining room … leaving space between them so as not to give a feeling of overwhelm.

It is also important to reduce the number of furniture to the essentials or you will have a lot of visual noise and your space will seem smaller. In the living room, a sofa and an armchair or armchair are better than two sofas.

If you have furniture in front of the windows, as long as they are low because the entry of natural light to your floor is essential.

Extra space for the kitchen

Small kitchen ideasThe main thing to make a kitchen appear larger is to have clear countertops . To achieve this, use hangers for the wall where you can store the kitchen utensils you use the most, the jars of spices, the roll of kitchen paper … You will no longer have everything in the middle!
In addition, to take advantage of every corner of your kitchen, install pantries and removable corners . You will double the storage space and have easy access to the entire interior.

Double capacity in your usual kitchen!

Play with mirrors

Place mirrors to have greater depth and multiply natural light.

The best place is in the hallway by the front door or by the window.

Very practical solutions

Removable table

Is your kitchen so small that you can’t even fit a table where you can have breakfast? We have the perfect solution for you!

With this removable table fitting you can have a table tailored to your drawer so that you can take it out only when you need it.

Isn’t that a great idea? We tell you more about our table in this post.

Folding iron

Does the ironing board take up a lot of space? Place this folding ironing board and you can store it anywhere!

It is perfect for fixing inside a kitchen cabinet or in the laundry room.

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