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15 Profitable Business Ideas To Take Care Of The Environment

A true entrepreneur does not stop and look for alternatives if he has not yet found his business niche. This could be in the generation of a company that, in addition to being profitable, has the objective of being friendly to the environment.

In these days it is very important to create a profitable business at an ecological level, and a great example is Ecognom because the waste of millions of people in the world is causing serious damage to the planet. That is why several governments have even signed agreements to migrate toward green business management. Likewise, the demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing and more and more awareness is being generated in the population towards the care of our habitat.

How Does a Green Business Work

The practices of an ecological business, that is, the production, distribution, and disposal must be friendly to the environment.

It is necessary to use resources creatively to reduce the carbon footprint generated by companies.

A good image with the public in terms of the brand must be complemented with a good practice favorable to the environment, being a process of environmental awareness.

Just by reducing personal and business greenhouse gases, we are contributing invaluable value to our planet.

In short, many ideas can be generated to take care of our environment and generate a profitable business.

That is why we share 15 profitable business ideas to take care of the environment:

1. Enamels and Natural Cosmetics

Beauty doesn’t have to use processed and toxic products that ultimately harm the environment.

The target market for these products is people interested in environmental care and health, who are willing to pay a little more to contribute to these ends.

For example, nail polishes with natural pigments that are not tested on animals.

They do not contain toxic substances or derivatives of wheat, oats, or vitamin E.

Precisely they can be used by celiacs and pregnant women.

Your main marketing channels can be bazaars, boutiques, and organic stores, as well as via e-commerce.

Make sure you have the largest catalog of colors possible to reach all tastes.

In the field of cosmetics we have the prickly pear or prickly pear or also called cactus, which is a plant with very fleshy stems.

In addition to being a source of nutrients for the human body in the field of cooking, one of its most recent uses is the beauty industry.

Cosmetics such as mascara, make-up removers, powders, and body creams can be developed, free of substances derived from petroleum.

And if we’re talking about beauty, we can also invent soaps that can be made with organic materials.

You can sell these products through the Internet and Social Networks.

2. Biodegradable for Pets

More and more people feel very concerned about their pets in all fields, feeding, cleaning, and hygiene care of the animal, in addition to avoiding bad odors at home and not damaging their health.

It meets these needs by marketing biodegradable products, made from essential oils.

Your catalog can range from soaps, shampoos, and odor removers to repellents and aromatherapy products to reduce stress on animals.

Your potential customers are pet stores, veterinary clinics, or organic stores, as well as the owners.

You could spend two to three hours a day or weekends sourcing leads and delivering products.

3. Urban Farm

So this could be a great opportunity to have your own business in the food industry.

You can offer different foods grown without using pesticides, which are the main cause of danger to human and environmental health.

Starting an urban farm can become an excellent place so that children can also interact directly with nature and in a very safe way.

You can also start other side businesses like catering or organic restaurants.

4. Ecological Transport

In the first place and in addition to being a means of transport, bicycles can serve as a means of advertising, mounting advertisements on their wheels or adapted structures in the rear.

You can hire drivers for several units and monitor them with an app and a GPS that counts the kilometers traveled.

You could set your rates based on the number of bicycles hired and the kilometers traveled per day or month.

Your potential clients may be advertising agencies, local businesses, or companies seeking to position their brands.

Secondly, you can design a taxi-type means of transport that is friendly to the environment.

Did you know that a type of pedicab was first invented in 1869?

In addition, it has been a booming business in the last century in some countries and is gaining strength again, especially for the care of the environment.

That is why this could be a business opportunity if you put a little creativity into it and take advantage of the advertising tools that exist today.

5. Ecological Cleaners for the Home

Cleanliness is essential whether at home, at an institutional, or business level.

Today’s cleaning products are often very toxic to the environment and pose a great risk to human health.

You could start a profitable ecological business producing or selling different cleaning products, using natural and biodegradable products for their production.

Also, you don’t need to have a physical business, you can sell them online. The products that currently have the most sales are Champ, detergent, and insect poisons.

If we talk about cleaning, plastic covers are necessary for this purpose, but as we know, plastic material is harmful to the planet.

A business idea is the creation of biodegradable or cloth bags, which in addition to being friendly to the environment is a very large market to supply and few companies are currently dedicated to manufacturing them.

6. Organic or Recycled Clothes

Organic cotton or simply recycled fabric scraps can be a great alternative for making ecological clothing.

You could create an ecological and modern clothing line with very little investment.

It is currently a booming market sector, which is why it is a great opportunity to start an excellent business and also take care of our planet.

7. Biodegradable Containers For Products

Many of the products we consume necessarily require a wrapper, either cardboard or glass, which of course are harmful to the planet.

Hence the importance of biodegradable materials to help packaging, bottles, and boxes.

Currently, there is a lack of manufacturers in the market dedicated to developing ecological packaging for different products.

If you would like an ecological business in a big way, this may be your opportunity since it is a market sector that is booming.

8. Natural Flavorings

The flavorings that are sold in all stores are usually associated with nature, they contain smells of fruits and plants, but it is just that, smell, and there is nothing natural about them since, in reality, they are intoxicating the entire environment with their aromas. chemicals.

This is why many people are choosing to buy truly natural air fresheners.

There are a wide variety of options to manufacture this type of flavoring, and the best thing is that they are very cheap to manufacture.

9. Healthy Organic Food

The trend continues to manifest itself in the production of healthy products that, in addition to being beneficial to the human body, are also friendly to the environment.

Many organizations are promoting the consumption of food without chemicals and pesticides. That is why you can plan this idea to form your healthy food business.

In addition, other businesses that you could undertake are derived from this idea, such as:

10. Water Purifiers

The drinking water we receive is not spring water and is not free of contamination. Bacteria are removed through Chlorine but not always Viruses.

That is why when we install a water purifier we realize that it still contains traces of Chlorine or other harmful residues.

The companies that manufacture these products allow marketing or retail distribution, which makes it a good business option.

Another similar product is air purifiers, which are responsible for absorbing particles that are in the air, leaving clean and fresh air.

Likewise, you can try to form your own business with the sale of these products.

11. Ecological Events

Ecological events are generally developed for companies, they are characterized by using all kinds of friendly resources for the environment.

This is a great business idea for those who are passionate about ecology.

You could take advantage of special dates such as World Water Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Environment Day.

However, you don’t have to wait that long to organize an event.

12. Waste Recycling

This idea is already rooted in people’s minds, however, very little has been contributed to waste recycling.

We know that aluminum, paper, plastics, glass, and other substances that are commonly thrown away daily are perfectly recyclable and companies are willing to pay for the return of this material.

All that is needed is an awareness campaign so that the neighbors separate the garbage and deposit it in the containers provided for this purpose.

13. Solid Electronic Waste and Batteries

When we have to get rid of computer equipment such as computers, cell phones, televisions, appliances, and otherwise batteries, most of us are lost.

We know that they do tremendous damage to the environment and that it is cumbersome and unethical to leave it for the garbage truck to take away.

In the end, they remain piled on one side of the hearth, collecting dust and getting in the way.

What if we could have a place to deposit this waste knowing that it will be properly disposed of and that it could eventually serve as input for recycling?

Think of a business of this nature, because many people are willing to get rid of all the material that is of no use to them, but finally by recycling you can make a profit.

14. Rainwater Collection System

Designing a rainwater collection system for buildings and houses will allow its inhabitants to have a non-drinking water tank so as not to waste clean water, for example, to water plants or flush the toilet.

As you help people to reduce their water consumption and pay less on their bills, we collaborate to take care of this resource.

Let me tell you that recently a team of designers from the company Sustainable Ideas based in Betim, Belo Horizonte, has developed a solution to help take advantage of rainwater.

A system with a polyethylene filter that aims to collect rainwater, storing it in a tank, for later use.

15. Catalytic Converters For Cars

Catalysts work as filters that trap the largest number of contaminating particles that cars expel into the environment.

It is essential that you accompany your marketing strategies with environmental awareness campaigns and always highlight the benefits of having a catalytic converter in the car.

Statistics always have a great impact on people’s awareness. Cars are responsible for 80% of NO2 emissions due to traffic and 60% of particle emissions.

This way you can point out how it helps to have a catalytic converter adapted to the car.

And if you accompany this, for example, with a campaign of tips for saving gasoline and other eco-environmental issues, it could be a good profitable business that helps the environment.

Remember that these profitable ecological business ideas will have a great boost if you put all your efforts into carrying them out if you work with passion, courage, dedication, and perseverance.

If you want to do business with any of these ideas, don’t take it as a hobby, but as a commitment both for your benefit and for the environment in general.

This way you contribute in two fields: the sustenance of your family and the sustenance of the planet.

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